Exclusif Entertainment, LLC is a full-service video, television & film production company. Additionally, we create original media productions and manage in-house videos, publications, events, and workshops.




Exclusif Entertainment, LLC specializes in producing original works and operates EEWB TV Network, a web broadcasting network, and offers video and media production services.


Exclusif Entertainment, LLC promotes events. It has been active in local and military communities. These events have encompassed seminars, workshops, launches, concerts, tributes, poetry slams, themed skating parties, children's variety shows, and theatrical performances.


Exclusif Records, the audio recording division, has provided services for local churches, groups, and city and community events. However, it is essentially an in-house division for our projects and products.


Through our Exclusif Publishing division, we release a monthly online magazine We publish a monthly online magazine. This division primarily operates in-house, focusing on books, DVDs, and digital products available for download, and printing.  


Our mission is to inspire, entertain, and empower. We strive to create and deliver innovative mass media and multimedia studio productions that captivate diverse audiences, including small business owners seeking growth. Serving as a conduit for impact, transformation, and change, we are committed to fostering positive developments in individual lives and communities. Through our innovative content and unwavering support, we aim to leave an indelible mark, connecting creativity and originality with the hearts and minds of our viewers, customers, and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Exclusif Entertainment, LLC has several divisions.

  • EEWB TV Network

Other media divisions:

  • Video
  • Television production
  • Film
  • Theater
  • Publications
  • Media & Arts Development
  • Audio
  • Events
  • Product



Denise Joyner,

Owner / Founder, Executive Producer, Videographer, Author, Publisher, Promoter, Instructor, Dramatist


Denise Joyner is the Owner/Founder & Executive Producer of Exclusif Entertainment, LLC. In her role, she supervises EEWB TV Network, a key division of the company. With a multifaceted role, Joyner serves as the Publisher of the online interactive magazine, "The Promoter," and holds positions as a Videographer, Executive Producer, and Producer in the diverse domains of theater, television, and film. Her repertoire includes additional titles such as Director, Dramatist, Promoter, and Instructor. With seven published books to her credit, Joyner brings a wealth of experience and creativity to her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Denise Joyner's journey in the world of entertainment began at the age of 9 when she first stepped onto the stage. With a lifelong passion for theater, she has not only acted but also excelled in producing, writing, directing, and performing in numerous community plays and skits across the nation. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Denise's theatrical roots run deep, as her mother was a local Orator.

Joyner's educational path led her to Walbrook Senior High School, where she graduated as a theater major. She continued her studies at Towson State University, further honing her skills in theater. With a rich background in live performances, Denise has been a driving force in organizing and promoting various community events, including Poetry Slams, Kid's Variety Shows, Rap Concerts, Dinner & Awards Shows, and Themed Skating Events.

A dedicated educator, Joyner has extended her influence by teaching theater ministry in churches throughout the United States and remotely to students in Lagos, Nigeria. Her commitment to education was also reflected in the creation and teaching of several workshops, covering topics such as acting, pantomime, clowning, and Preparing for Success.

Denise's journey into publishing began early, as she authored her first book of poetry while still in middle school. To date, she has written and published seven books. As the creative force behind Exclusif Entertainment, Joyner brings forth a free monthly online magazine, "The Promoter".

Joyner's foray into television production includes the partnership with former Mississippi television anchorwoman, Connie Benson, resulting in the show "Community Buzz with Connie B." Launched in 2017, under Exclusif Studio Productions. Joyner started the EEWB TV Network division around 2017. It has grown to encompass three channels, showcasing diverse content. Denise Joyner's multifaceted contributions continue to shape the landscape of entertainment and education.


Compelled To Move Forward

Inception (August 2009)

Exclusif Entertainment started in August 2009. Denise Joyner, Founder & CEO owned a previous entertainment company similar to Exclusif Entertainment. Due to personal conflicts she closed down her company for about five years. After five years, Denise realized that she could not get away from the tug and pull of what she believed she was born to do, bring and share entertainment. She was compelled to move forward again in the world of entertainment.


Just The Three Of Us

In its nascent stage, Exclusif Entertainment was a modest operation, consisting of an Executive Music Producer, a Graphic Artist, and the CEO herself. Operating from a home office with an accompanying home audio recording studio, the trio embarked on their creative journey. In those early days, Denise successfully secured a recording contract with a local church, a summer gig with the Farmer's Market to provide music, and a standing contract with the local YMCA for weekly Poetry Slam promotions, concerts, and special events. Additionally, Exclusif Entertainment signed its first gospel rap recording artist, Messenger, marking a pivotal moment in the company's history.


Growth & Development

Over the subsequent four years, the team devoted themselves to establishing and branding the company in the state of Georgia. Recognizing the imperative for expansion, Denise strategically fostered partnerships, securing two pivotal collaborations in Georgia. Denise subsequently relocated to South Carolina, where the company temporarily operated from a one-room studio in downtown Columbia, SC.

In the present day, Exclusif Entertainment has evolved into a dynamic entity that now resides in a larger studio in the South Carolina area. The company not only travels but also provides services to various clients, engaging in broadcasting, production, publishing, and facilitating workshops and training. The journey from its humble beginnings to its current multifaceted operations reflects the company's steadfast commitment to growth, and development, and an enduring passion for bringing entertainment to diverse audiences.


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