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About PFS Marketing Group

The "Preparing For Success" Program was originally created to help performers and artists to be successful in their business professions. It was  quickly realized that our business clients also needed this service. So, the PFS (Preparing For Success) Marketing Group was created to help not only artists, but also other professionals. It was specifically created to help professionals who work alone without employees or teams to be successful in their marketing goals and endeavors. IT IS A RESULTS-CENTERED GROUP and we believe in careful planning.


PFS Marketing Group helps professionals who feel trapped and overwhelmed in their marketing efforts. It was designed to bring together a network of like-professionals willing to support other professionals while being supported. 


This support is maximized through our multimedia opportunities offered: interviews, appearing in our web series, audios, videos, streams, prints, promos, PR and more.


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Denise Joyner, Owner/Executive Producer,

Exclusif Entertainment, LLC


I have helped several professionals to maximize their media needs and goals. In the process, I discovered that many of them, like me, worked alone without employees or teams. And, like me, although they were successful in the production of their work, they were struggling in their marketing.


I created "Preparing For Success" to help artists, performers and entertainment industry professionals to be successful from the inside out, in order to be successful in business. I quickly realized that the need to be prepared for success expanded beyond the entertainment industry. I was given the opportunity in 2019 to facilitate a workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada for the "I am Not My Illness" Campaign under the Dorothea McGuire Foundation For Sarcoidosis Education. This is when "PFS: 12 Steps To Getting From Where you Are To Where You Want To Be" was birthed. From there it has expanded to the PFS Marketing Group.


I created PFS Marketing Group to help facilitate the success of professionals who are struggling in their marketing, to find their target market and claim their market position. PFS Marketing Group definitely fills a need for serious professionals who lack a dedicated support network and accountability.

Accomplishing Goals Through Teams

"The goal of PFS Marketing Group is to provide support for each member to successfully market their business. This is accomplished through teams. Every member is responsible for their own marketing. Teams support members through meetings, comments, suggestions, supporting them on their social media platforms and websites, collaborations, etc. in order to be successful marketing their businesses and professions."

Who Is This Group For?

IT IS FOR SERIOUS . Professionals . Business owners . Solopreneurs . Freelancers . And Artists (visual, digital and performing artists) 
It is for professionals who know they have a calling to do what they do, but struggle. If you are a professional needing a dedicated marketing support community and are will to be that same support, this group may be for for you. 
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Please read before subscribing.

Preparing For Success Marketing Group, under Preparing For Success Program, under Exclusif Entertainment, LLC. We reserve the right to reject any subscriptions which go against our program policies.

We do not support, tolerate, promote or endorse business or professional offerings which promote:

  • The incitement of any type or level of malicious violence or abuse against humans, animals, locations or things.
  • Hate and the incitement of hate, harassment or bullying
  • Sexually illicit materials or themes; pornography, sex-trafficking, nudity, mature or offensive content
  • The exploitation of children presenting children in a sexual manner
  • Irreverent, disrespectful, offensive or crude themes and topics
  • The transmission of viruses, malware or any other malicious or destructive code
  • The information and distribution of other people's personal and confidential information, including hijacking other people's accounts
  • Products and services that spam
  • Deceptive or impersonation products or services

Notice: We have made every effort to accurately represent the service(s) sold through this website and their potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation as well as other factors not always known and sometimes beyond control. We do not guarantee or promise your success while using this service.. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital. 

Disclaimer: We do NOT believe in get rich quick programs. We believe in dedicated and consistent work ethics to reach your goals and consideration for others. Our service is intended to help reach your marketing goals while helping other professionals reach theirs. 


Last edited: 22/03/2023

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