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ReVamp Your Style: Season 2, Episode 5

Host, Personal Stylist and Revampologist, Ursula Jennings take a "Strut Talk Runway Therapy" workshop. The non-profit program was founded and is owned by Runway Confidence Coach, Lolita Frazier. It is designed to help people, male and female to strut through their grief, pain and sorrow. Lolita Frazier birthed Strut Talk Runway Therapy out her her own trauma and pain when her son was murdered. Frazier found healing through embracing therapeutically the lessons of her runway modeling skills. Her heart and desire and to share how she was able to heal with others.

ReVamp Your Style: Season 2, Episode 4

If you want to be inspired, encouraged and motivated to press forward; if you want to come alive by connecting to your Creator, Dr. Addie has some words for you. On "ReVamp Your Style's" next episode, host Ursula Jennings talks to Dr. Addie, Educator, Speaker, Author and host of the tv web series "Wisdom Breaks with Dr. Addie". They discuss spirituality, the importance of knowing who you are and discovering your unspoken message.

ReVamp Your Style: Season 2, Episode 3

What would you say to an interweaving of audio, visual and performing arts? Host, Ursula Jennings talks to Dr. Suzanna Pavlovsky, Maestra and Artistic Music Director of Ensemble Eclectica and the Palmetto Chamber Orchestra about music, art and fashion. Dr. Pavlovsky gives a brief history lesson on the origin of the orchestra's black and white attire. Find Dr. Suzanna Pavlovsky at: Reach Host, Ursula Jennings on Facebook or Instagram

"ReVamp Your Style": Season 2, Ep 2

Host, Ursula Jennings talks to million dollar realtor, Realtor, Alicia Small, aka one of "The Hardest Working Realtor" in the South Carolina Area. Alicia is very candid about her early challenges finding her style and getting used to accepting "a millionaire" mindset in fashion.

"ReVamp Your Style" Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 of ReVamp Your Style is back starting out with getting fit for fall. Revampologist, stylist and image consultant Ursula Jennings talks to Personal Trainer, Mark Green, Owner of Gemini: Body, Soul & Spirit of SC to talk about getting and staying fit through intentional workouts and nutrition.

"ReVamp Your Style" Season 1, Episode 3-4

Stylist, Ursula Jennings takes us behind the scenes with Celebrity makeup artist, Sonya Sims, to show us how she uses makeup to accessorize her wardrobe. Sonya Sims shares her motivation as well as a few makeup tips.

Stylist, Ursula Jennings show us the result of shopping her closet and coming up with creative "Bold & Beautiful" outfits. ...And it's time to clear those closets in order to revamp those styles.

"ReVamp Your Style" Season 1, Episode 1 -2

Host, Ursula Jennings, Stylist & Revampologist, shows you how to shop your own closet and "revamp" (make new outfits) using what you already have. Ursula interviews Denise Brooks of Deni's Kloset, an online boutique.




Host & Stylist Ursula Jennings takes us shopping at Imagine This Boutique in Columbia SC. Ursula shows us a variety of items we can purchase and hacks to create several outfits from one item. Owner, Loretta Neal of Imagine This also demonstrates several ways to wear one item. Ursula then takes us to the water for some poolside revamping.

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