Exclusif Entertainment, LLC is a mass media and multimedia studio productions company providing, impact, transformation, and change. We create, produce, broadcast, and distribute media through video, television, and film. We provide media services to clients and produce our own original media content.


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This month's theme is strategy. Discover the 2023 strategy trends for your business. Download the volatile Strategy Outline Worksheet to assess where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Learn about the pros and cons of spontaneous video marketing, read and listen to the vocal health tips of Habaka, Understanding the crucial role of setting relationship boundaries, take the relationship boundaries quiz, discover how you set boundaries, find out ways to drive business growth for fall using seasonal changes, Discover mental health-boosting plants for your home and garden and MORE!

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This 12-page DFY (Done-For-You) Printable Content Organizer and Posting Planner will make your social posting easier. It will help you to establish your branding focus, determine your target buying customer, create and execute your goals, organize your posts, then schedule and post them using the 3Ps of social media.

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Content assets are a necessity for business owners today. they consist of: posts, blogs, podcasts, videos, audio, images, etc. you create and use to help you accomplish your marketing goals. We've created 50 DFY (Done-For_You) assets to use in your content marketing.

EEWB-TV Network

EEWB-TV Network is a web television network. We presently have three channels: EEWB-TV, Promoter TV, and Nostalgia TV. These channels stream on our Inception Streaming site and are distributed and syndicated across several platforms.


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Online Streaming Site

INCEPTION STREAMING is an online streaming service under the EEWB-TV Network division and it hosts our web stations: EEWB-TV, Promoter TV, and Nostalgia TV.

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Inception Streaming Channels

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Inception Streaming Programming

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Video & Film Production

Looking for quality and affordable video production for your business? We service promos, tutorials, interviews, branded videos, PSAs, and more.

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We also service music videos, mini-documentaries, branded films, multimedia videos, animation, web series, commercials, and more. 

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Video Marketing

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Putting your video on YouTube or social media platforms is only a part of video marketing. If you want to reach your target audience and their needs, and solve their problems, you must do more. This requires bringing awareness of who you are, finding where they are, knowing their problems and presenting your solution, educating them, sometimes demonstrating what you can do to help them, and then presenting them with an offer to help them. However, it does not end there. After this, you must follow up. This takes time. Sometimes it requires you to run campaigns. 

We can help you to reach your target audience and generate leads. We understand that you are offering a solution to their needs. Let us help you reach your goal. We help you do this by helping you with:

  • Foundation Review & Development
  • Brand Development
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production Development
  • Video SEO
  • Distribution
  • Syndication
  • Metrics / Follow-Up                                                          

"Connecting Your Brand To Your Target Market"


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The Promoter Magazine     

 "The Promoter" Magazine is a free online interactive magazine designed for small business owners. It provides tips, and valuable information, to help small business owners be successful in their businesses and their video marketing. Watch videos, listen to audio, and click links from right inside the magazine.

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"The Promoter" Newsletter 

The newsletter provides monthly updates on EEWB-TV Network members, partners, and talent. It also includes the link to our monthly magazine, "The Promoter", you get two subscriptions in one. 


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Online Newspaper

Our online newspaper is curated news ranging from updated entertainment, business, technology, art, events, politics, real estate, blogs, and more.

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