Exclusif Entertainment is a media and entertainment company specializing in video production, multimedia, and digital marketing services. We also offer ancillary services to support our clients' needs. We aim to bring clients' visions to life through impactful, transformative, and innovative projects. Our company is organized into three divisions: EEWB-TV NETWORK, Exclusif Media and Arts, and Exclusif Publications, with two supporting subdivisions: Exclusif Studio Productions and Affect Video Productions.


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This month discover ways to create buzz and stay to-of-mind the a crowded market. Get tips to overcome setbacks in your promotional strategies and tips to purposefully network. Habaka shares valuable tips and inspiration on how to care for your voice. Discover some creative guerilla marketing tactics and ways to overcome creative blocks in your video marketing. Get inspiration for your personal branding, and build a capsule wardrobe for your brand. ...And more!

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Under our Preparing For Success (PFS) initiative we have created a toolkit to assist entrepreneurs in driving customer loyalty, enhancing brand reputation, and accelerating business growth. It is an essential resource for building and nurturing trust with the target audience and is designed to make a lasting impact on businesses.


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Say goodbye to the content creation dilemma with our "Done For You" (DFY) Content Media Assets. We've meticulously crafted 50 high-quality assets that cater to the diverse needs of any business.

  • Time Efficient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Boost Media Presence
  • Elevate Brand Awareness

EEWB-TV Network

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EEWB-TV Network** is an Exclusif Entertainment, LLC division, dedicated to delivering diverse and engaging content. Through our streaming platform, Inception Streaming, we host original channels like EEWB-TV for independent programming, Promoter-TV for small business and artist promotion, and Nostalgia-TV for classic entertainment. Our network also supports interactive video content, and a blog, providing a rich and immersive viewing experience for our audience. Additionally, EEWB-TV Network supports two key subdivisions: Exclusif Studio Productions, which produces web television and television broadcasting programming, and Affect Video Productions, which focuses on creating high-quality video production and multimedia videos.



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Online Streaming Site

INCEPTION STREAMING is an online streaming service under the EEWB-TV Network division and it hosts our web stations: EEWB-TV, Promoter TV, and Nostalgia TV.

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Inception Streaming Channels

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Inception Streaming Programming

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Video & Film Production

Looking for quality and affordable video production for your business? We service promos, tutorials, interviews, branded videos, PSAs, and more.

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We also service music videos, mini-documentaries, branded films, multimedia videos, animation, web series, commercials, and more. 

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Video Marketing

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Uploading your video on YouTube or social media platforms is merely a component of video marketing. To effectively engage your target audience, address their needs, and provide solutions, it's crucial to implement a comprehensive video marketing strategy with measurable outcomes. This involves creating awareness about your identity, pinpointing your audience's location, understanding their issues, presenting solutions, and educating them—potentially through demonstrations. Depending on your objectives, a video marketing campaign, including lead generation, may be necessary. However, the process doesn't conclude there; post-campaign, there's a need for follow-up involving metrics, possibly extending to email marketing. This is a time-consuming process.

Our purpose is to help you attain your video marketing objectives. Understanding that you provide solutions to your audience's challenges, we aim to aid you in reaching your goals.


  • Foundation Review & Development
  • Brand Foundation
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production Development
  • Video SEO
  • Distribution
  • Syndication
  • Metrics/Follow-Up                                                

"Connecting Your Brand To Your Target Market"


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The Promoter Magazine     

The Promoter Magazine is a free online resource for entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists seeking to enhance their personal and business brands. Our magazine offers informative articles, interactive videos, and audio, all designed to provide actionable tips and strategies on marketing, branding, and business growth. 

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"The Promoter" Newsletter 

The newsletter delivers monthly updates on EEWB-TV Network activities, events, members, partners, and talent. Plus, it conveniently features the link to our monthly magazine, "The Promoter," giving you the benefit of two subscriptions in one.





"Newsletters are not just about information; they're about building a community and fostering a sense of belonging." - Chris Brogan

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Last edited: 01/07/2024