Commercial Video Broadcasting Services

Web Series

Branded video series

Base Day Rates

Full Day Rate: $1200



Live Action Video Commercials 

Live action on-set or field productions may include some or all of these: actors, location, set design, set production, wardrobe, costumes, make-up, hairstyle or design, scripting, editing, special effects, lighting design & effects, audio design & effects

Base Day Rates

Full Day Rate: $1200

30 - 60 sec spots


One Stop Video Commercial Production

One Stop video productions consist of an initial consult, photos and / or pre-video clips, editing, music, titling effects, scripting, voice over

30 sec $ 250.00

60 sec $ 350.00

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On The Spot Video Commercial Production

On The Spot video productions are shot at your location “on the spot”. It consists of an initial consult, concept, scripting, voice-over, music, effects. 

30 sec $ 400.00

60 sec $ 475.00

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Live Action Branding & Marketing Video & Film Productions (In-Field or On-Set)




Promo Video

Promo Video

Day Rates

Types of Branding and  Marketing Videos: promos, explainers, demos, DIYs, tutorials, interactive, interviews, testimonials, launch, crowd-funding, brand story, reviews, unboxings, haul videos, ambassador videos, onboarding, recruitment, company culture, behind-the-scenes, online courses, training videos, personalized videos, portraits/ video profiles, biography, demo reels, trailers


Movies: Branded mini-docs, music videos, microfilms, short films

Initial Consultation: Free

Base Day Rates

Half Day     $600

Full Day      $1200






Dailies watch-thru

Editing & Rendering

Some Color-Correction

Royalty free music




Voice Over

Editing: Sound effects, Full-Color Correction, Visual effects, Text effects

Original music


Promotional Branding Campaign Services

Promotional Video Branding Campaigns are 4 or more branded videos provided to businesses each month for their social media and offline needs. Campaigns are not In-Field or On-set productions. They may consist of video clips, photos, animation, motion graphics, and/or typography. Video lengths range from 10 sec - to 60 sec.

Campaigns start at $250 per month

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Animation Videos

Explainers, Whiteboard/Speed writing, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography, 2D . Includes: concept, planning, scripting, editing, music, voice over.


10-15 sec  $150

30 sec       $400

60 sec       $500

   2-3 min    $800   

Last edited: 18/05/2022